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How does VENDYS work

How does VENDYS® work?

The VENDYS® test begins with an automated blood pressure measurement, followed by cuff occlusion of the right arm. During the cuff occlusion (2 to 5 minutes), fingertip temperature in the right hand falls because of the absence of warm circulating blood. Once the cuff is released, blood flow rushes into the forearm and hand, causing a temperature rebound in the fingertip which is directly proportional to the vascular reactivity and endothelial function.

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How does VENDYS® benefit my patients?

Doctors can’t manage what they can’t measure. Vascular health is directly linked to vascular function. VENDYS provides a noninvasive and direct assessment of vascular function and cardiovascular event risk levels. You can retest patients periodically to measure their improvements and monitor response to therapy particularly lifestyle and other non-pharmacological interventions that cannot be measured by lipids and other risk factors.  
VENDYS provides a colorful and easy to understand report that can promote patient adherence to diet/lifestyle/meds and other recommendations. You can V
ENDYS instead of the regular blood pressure device because the VENDYS device includes both and you can get reimbursed for the VENDYS test.



VENDYS-II is the only FDA-cleared fully automated office-based device for measuring vascular reactivity and endothelial function. With more than 10 years of research trials and dozens of peer reviewed publications, VENDYS is now in use in clinics across the US and Canada as a cutting edge tool for preventive care and monitoring CVD patients. 

VENDYS-II is an all-in-one portable touchscreen device with awesome features such as interactive audio-guided interface powered by smart algorithms that make the VENDYS experience very easy and user-friendly. VENDYS-II is optimized both for patient care and clinical research studies. VENDYS provides a colorful report that shows the patient's Vascular Reactivity Index (VRI) and can be easily shared with patients. It also reports the VRI trend which shows how a patient’s VENDYS score or VRI changed over time. 

How Does VENDYS Work?

How Does VENDYS Work?

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