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Distinctive Signs of Disease as Deterrents for the Endothelial Function: A Systematic Review

Metabolites. 2023 Mar 16;13(3):430.


Endothelial integrity plays a major role in homeostasis and is responsive to the numerous endogenous factors released. While its functional role in vascular tone is well described, its role in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease is of interest as a potential therapeutic target. We performed a systematic review to provide an overview of new therapeutic and diagnostic targets for the treatment of coronary artery disease related to endothelial dysfunction. Databases of PubMed, Ovid's version of MEDLINE, and EMBASE were interrogated with appropriate search terms. Inclusion criteria have been met by 28 studies that were included in the final systematic review. We identified inflammation, pulmonary hypertension, diabetes mellitus and Fabry disease as pathophysiological mechanisms and explored the therapeutic options related to these conditions including medications such as Canakinumab. Endothelial dysfunction has a key role in several different pathophysiological processes which can be targeted for therapeutic options. Ongoing research should be targeted at making the transition to clinical practice. Further research is also needed on understanding the amelioration of endothelial dysfunction with the use of cardiovascular medications.

Keywords: cardiovascular disease; diabetes; endothelial dysfunction; endothelium-derived relaxing factor; inflammation; pulmonary hypertension.


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