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Quantifying cardiovascular risk: will measuring endothelial function suffice?

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology


The questions arises if we will be able to use endothelial function assessment in clinical practice for patient specific risk stratification?: Endothelial function certainly fulfils criteria for a good screening tool 16. Cardiovascular disease is a serious health problem. There is treatment available, the test is easily available, cheap and non-invasive. There is a good correlation between endothelial disfunction and cardiovascular risk in high risk populations and apparently healthy populations such as the current study demonstrates. Endothelial function also predicts progression of CVD such as carotid plaque formation better than conventional risk factors 17. In addition, endothelial function assessment is also useful in secondary prevention since it also provides prognostic information in patients with peripheral vascular disease 18 and predicts cardiovascular events in patients with acute coronary syndrome without ST elevation 19 .


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