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The Role of Selenium in Atherosclerosis Development, Progression, Prevention and Treatment

Biomedicines.2023 Jul 17;11(7):2010.


Selenium is an essential trace element that is essential for various metabolic processes, protection from oxidative stress and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Se deficiency has long been associated with multiple cardiovascular diseases, including endemic Keshan's disease, common heart failure, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis. Through selenoenzymes and selenoproteins, Se is involved in numerous crucial processes, such as redox homeostasis regulation, oxidative stress, calcium flux and thyroid hormone metabolism; an unbalanced Se supply may disrupt these processes. In this review, we focus on the importance of Se in cardiovascular health and provide updated information on the role of Se in specific processes involved in the development and pathogenesis of atherosclerosis (oxidative stress, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, vascular calcification and vascular cell apoptosis). We also discuss recent randomised trials investigating Se supplementation as a potential therapeutic and preventive agent for atherosclerosis treatment.

Keywords: atherosclerosis; cardiovascular; endothelial dysfunction; selenium; selenoproteins.


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